“Susanne Sulby’s honorable piece channels vigorous opposition to war into a one-women show.”  

-The New Yorker  

“A FINE PLAY about war as seen through the eyes of the women of the world. HAUNTING & ELECTRIC.  The special effects are SENSATIONAL.  Susanne Sulby is a gifted actress who makes her argument in highly emotional scenes as she plays different women. She has come up with A MOVING, HIGHLY UNIQUE WORK that does make you stop and think. A GRIPPING, ENGAGING & DRAMATIC SHOW.”

-History News Network  

“COMPELLING & CAPTIVATING.  An impassioned call for peace.  A momentous show with a message that resonates in our time and for all time.  Under Stephen Stahl’s fluid direction, Susanne Sulby transforms from one character to another with split-second timing and finesse.  Her captivating portrayals are delivered with sensitivity, heartfelt emotion and psychological intensity.”  

“SUSANNE SULBY IS A MASSIVE ENERGY ON STAGE with a commanding presence with a truly gorgeous vocal ability.  Director Stephen Stahl has created an epic environment where we move around the globe to historic moments through the clever use of projection (exquisite and mesmerizing) and a powerful soundtrack.   I APPLAUD SULBY'S GENUINE DESIRE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

-NY Theatre Guide  

“URGENT & COMPELLING!   The subject of ‘Sanctuary’ is urgent, and its underlying question compelling – what can an individual do in the face of war and violence?”  

-New York Theater  

“A POWERFUL PERFORMANCE.  Each character Susanne Sulby transforms into has their own unique accent, and she briefly loses herself into each personality, her energy never waning, her emotions never holding back.  Sanctuary’s message is ultimately one of peace.  Sulby believes that whether we write a play, say a kind word, or simply remain aware, one person can make a difference in the world.”

-Stage Buddy

"A memorable exploration of what war does to us, and why peace matters.  Thank you, Susanne Sulby, for your remarkable solo performance."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts

"A dynamic and, at times, disturbing multimedia performance, Sanctuary focuses primarily on three female characters: a mother bombarded by television broadcasts of destruction and death, a detached war correspondent, and a POW in Kosovo."

-The New Current

"Staged by veteran Off Broadway director Stephen Stahl, the play will intrigue theater audiences with a poignant and touching look on the impact of war on women over the centuries."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts

"Broadway Baby talks to Susanne Sulby, the writer of Sanctuary, a show dealing with the impact of war on women."

-Levi Bailey, Broadway Baby

"From my first viewing of Sanctuary, a powerful one-woman show about the universal experience of war across the centuries, I knew this was a different kind of theatre experience. Most importantly, it brought into focus the idea that the experience of war, the grieving involved in both experiencing it or being a helpless spectator to it, are compellingly universal messages."

-Raluca Albu, GO Magazine

"An exploration of the struggles and tragedies of war and our need for sanctuary. A fast paced energetic multi media exploration of the roles we have played in war throughout time. Multiple characters expose the connections of fear, bigotry, power and religion with war and how they find sanctuary from it."

-Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

"The multi-character play also features a reporter, inspired by CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. In the production, Sulby appears as the reporter in taped segments that are presented on a screen as broadcasts from a war zone. This dramatic device allows the housewife character to respond to the violence."

-Valerie Reed,

"Susanne’s play Sanctuary is based largely on her experience as a housewife watching the world unfold on CNN. Genocide in Kosovo. Towers falling. Troops in Baghdad. 'I had a lot of feelings about what was going on in the world,' she said. She felt a pull to doing something, anything to connect with the world outside of her home. In her one-woman meditation on war, Sulby offers no solutions but she creates a space of contemplation on how to stop the numbness and start the healing."

-M.J. Fine, Bucks County Courier Times